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Here is a link to all of our videos on YouTube. Here you will find many tutorials and overviews of many of our products. Please contact support@smallhd.com if you have any further questions.   https://www.youtube.com/c/smallhd/videos
The following equipment is currently not compatible with the 500 and 700 series monitors and the Production monitors: While we are aware of these incompatibilities, there is no scheduled firmware update to make them compatible at this time:
  •  Paralinx Arrow +
    • The workaround for making this work is to use an HDMI converter between the two devices to stabilize the signal.

4-pin XLR Pinout: Pin 1 = negative (–) GND Pin 2 = NC Pin 3 = NC Pin 4 = positive (+) DC 12V-17V

3-pin XLR Pinout: Pin 1 = negative (–) GND Pin 2 = positive (+) DC 24V-34V Pin 3 = NC

Currently the Samsung NX-1 camera is not compatible with the SmallHD 500 & 700 series of monitors. Our firmware team is researching solutions to this problem but we are not sure if or when we will have a fix for this incompatibility issue.    
  1. Make sure you are running the current firmware.
  2. If this is the first time you have attempted to pair the wireless remote with your 500 series monitor, please watch this brief tutorial: Wireless Remote Tutorial
  3. If you have previously paired this remote with another monitor, it must first be unpaired.  To do this, hold down the image capture button on the remote for 15 seconds.  This will unpair the remote and allow it to be paired with a new monitor.
  4.  If you are still experiencing issues, please fill out a support ticket on our support page.
Why won’t my Sidefinder stay closed? In most cases this can happen if you are using our Acrylic screen protector in conjunction with the sidefinder attachment. The Sidefinder attachment is not compatible with the acrylic screen protector so you will want to remove it, you would want to use our Pro K screen protector which can be found here: http://store.smallhd.com/store/prok-500-screen-protector If you are not using this screen protector and are still having problems keeping your sidefinder closed  please submit a support case at www.smallhd.com/support and our support reps will be happy to assist you.  

You must have firmware version 1.1 or later installed on your 501 and 502 monitor to use the sidefinder attachment.

You can get the latest firmware here: Click Here

For your 502 monitor you will need to use a SD card that is 16gb or smaller, formatted to fat32. 

Larger SD cards most likely will not work. 

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