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Will the Fuji X-T2 work with a SmallHD monitor?
Currently, our monitors are NOT compatible with the Fuji X-T2 camera.
500 Series, 700 Series, and Production Monitors are not compatible with Paralinx Arrow +
The following equipment is currently not compatible with the 500 and 700 series monitors and the Production monitors: While we are aware of these incompatibilities, there is no scheduled firmware update to make them compatible at this time:
  •  Paralinx Arrow +
    • The workaround for making this work is to use an HDMI converter between the two devices to stabilize the signal.
XLR Pinouts for the Production Monitors (17, 24, and 32 inch)

4-pin XLR Pinout: Pin 1 = negative (–) GND Pin 2 = NC Pin 3 = NC Pin 4 = positive (+) DC 12V-17V

3-pin XLR Pinout: Pin 1 = negative (–) GND Pin 2 = positive (+) DC 24V-34V Pin 3 = NC

Samsung NX-1 and 500 & 700 series compatibility (Samsung nx1)
Currently the Samsung NX-1 camera is not compatible with the SmallHD 500 & 700 series of monitors. Our firmware team is researching solutions to this problem but we are not sure if or when we will have a fix for this incompatibility issue.    
Compatibility with Flanders monitors and other monitors
We cannot guarantee that your SmallHD monitor will be compatible with every other field monitor. There are currently known issues with SmallHD monitors being compatible with Flanders monitors. If you find that your SmallHD is not compatible with another monitor, please contact Refer to our return policy for returns for refund.

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