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Currently, our monitors are NOT compatible with the Fuji X-T2 camera.
The following equipment is currently not compatible with the 500 and 700 series monitors and the Production monitors: While we are aware of these incompatibilities, there is no scheduled firmware update to make them compatible at this time:
  •  Paralinx Arrow +
    • The workaround for making this work is to use an HDMI converter between the two devices to stabilize the signal.

4-pin XLR Pinout: Pin 1 = negative (–) GND Pin 2 = NC Pin 3 = NC Pin 4 = positive (+) DC 12V-17V

3-pin XLR Pinout: Pin 1 = negative (–) GND Pin 2 = positive (+) DC 24V-34V Pin 3 = NC

Currently the Samsung NX-1 camera is not compatible with the SmallHD 500 & 700 series of monitors. Our firmware team is researching solutions to this problem but we are not sure if or when we will have a fix for this incompatibility issue.    
We cannot guarantee that your SmallHD monitor will be compatible with every other field monitor. There are currently known issues with SmallHD monitors being compatible with Flanders monitors. If you find that your SmallHD is not compatible with another monitor, please contact support@smallhd.com. Refer to our return policy for returns for refund.
If you are experiencing problems with a Digital Bolex and any of the 500 or 700 series monitors you will need to have Firmware version 1.3.2 or higher installed on your camera.

Yes, we have tested the GH4 with all of our monitors, with great success. This includes 24 htz/24pfs.

You do need to make sure you enable the downconvert HDMI option in your GH4 menu system for the image to show up on your SmallHD monitor.

Troubleshooting tips:

If you are not seeing an image output from your GH4 – Try these things:

1. Plug your camera into an HDMI tv or computer monitor to see if an image appears on those other devices. If you do not get an image on the other devices the problem is probably in the camera or hdmi cable.

2. One way to improve compatibility is to turn on the camera and monitor first before connecting HDMI to the monitor.

DP7 Power Options 101 To attach a battery to the back of the Dp7 you need a DP7 Battery adapter Plate $99.99 Once you have that you can use any of the following battery brackets that we sell V-Mount Battery Bracket$129.99 Gold Mount Battery Bracket$129.99 Sony L series Battery Bracket$59.99 Canon LP-E6 Battery Bracket$59.99 not recommended for High bright (very short run time)
We sell kits which include the required battery adapter plate and battery bracket of your choice:
V-Mount Power Kit$199.99 Gold Mount Power Kit$199.99 Sony L series Power Kit$155.99 Canon LP-E6 Power Kit$155.99 not recommended for High bright (very short run time) Cable Power options AC/DC power to HiroseUS version Included with Dp7 Dtap to Hirose Cable$49.99 Flying leads to Hirose Cable (make your own) – $39.99 Hirose to 4 Pin Lemo Cable (For RED Pro I/O Module) – $79.99 Country specific adapter cables for Ac/DC Power cord $9.99 each. Australia UK European
Currently the Nikon D4s, and D810 cameras do not work properly with the DP7 PRO, your image will have a very strange color shift (mustard yellow) or (Green). Unfortunately, we do not have a fix for this so we cannot support these cameras with the DP7 Pro series. The Nikon D800 still works fine with the DP7-PRO and the Nikon D4s and D810 will still work fine with our AC7 and DP4 and 502 monitors.     SmallHD Support

If you are having trouble getting an SDI image from your Sony F55 Please try using SDI 3 or SDI 4 as your output. SDI 1 and SDI 2 can output a format that our monitors are not compatible with. If this solves your problem and you have further questions let us know. 

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