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SmallHD XLR to Hirose Cable Pin Out for DP7-PRO (Wiring Diagram)

Here is a link to the SmallHD XLR to Hirose Cable wiring diagram

Here is a link to the pin out of our hirose connector- you will need this as a reference when looking at the wiring diagram diagram above.

DP7-PRO Rear power connector pin out (Molex)

Here is a diagram for the Molex Power pin Connection on the back of the Dp7-Pro monitor

Molex Battery Cable DP7

What is the SmallHD Hirose to Component-Composite cable pin out?

You can view the pin out for this cable at the following link: DP7 PRO Component – Composite Input Pinout

DP7-PRO Battery Adapter Plate Guide

What is the difference between the AC7 and the DP7?

Please check out our comprehensive Monitor comparison chart to see all the differences:


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