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703 UltraBright quickstart guide: Download pdf
503 UltraBright quickstart guide: Download pdf
Here is a link to all of our videos on YouTube. Here you will find many tutorials and overviews of many of our products. Please contact support@smallhd.com if you have any further questions.   https://www.youtube.com/c/smallhd/videos
We cannot guarantee that your SmallHD monitor will be compatible with every other field monitor. There are currently known issues with SmallHD monitors being compatible with Flanders monitors. If you find that your SmallHD is not compatible with another monitor, please contact support@smallhd.com. Refer to our return policy for returns for refund.

You can download a sample pack of 3d LUTS to use with your 502 monitor and DP7-PRO here: 



Unfortunately HDMI stability is an issue in some of our newer DP7-PRO firmware versions.

If you are having trouble with HDMI connectivity please install firmware version 2.0.4 from the following link – as it is our most stable DP7 Firmware currently: Click Here to download firmware

If you need to access your past smallhd orders please click here and log in to your account. 

Yes, we have tested the GH4 with all of our monitors, with great success. This includes 24 htz/24pfs.

You do need to make sure you enable the downconvert HDMI option in your GH4 menu system for the image to show up on your SmallHD monitor.

Troubleshooting tips:

If you are not seeing an image output from your GH4 – Try these things:

1. Plug your camera into an HDMI tv or computer monitor to see if an image appears on those other devices. If you do not get an image on the other devices the problem is probably in the camera or hdmi cable.

2. One way to improve compatibility is to turn on the camera and monitor first before connecting HDMI to the monitor.

Here is a link to the SmallHD XLR to Hirose Cable wiring diagram

Here is a link to the pin out of our hirose connector- you will need this as a reference when looking at the wiring diagram

https://www.smallhd.com/support/faq/hirose-pin-out543/ring diagram above.

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