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Where do I get documentation for my DP6?
Here are several links to all of the DP6 written documentation:
What are the specs on the DP6?
DP6 Specifications are associated with Store Items.

For the DP6-SLR see

For the DP6-SDI see:
Select “Specifications” tab
What is the most recent DP6 firmware?
DP6 Latest Firmware:
How do I fix a black screen or inverted colors on HDMI?

To fix this, do a factory reset under System in the menu. Once the monitor restarts, you may see weird colors on the screen. If so, just reboot the monitor and this will return the monitor to normal.

Why is picture in picture not working with HDMI and Component On DP6 and DP4?

You can only use pip with the two following combinations:
SDI & Composite
HDMI & Composite

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