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703 UltraBright quickstart guide: Download pdf
503 UltraBright quickstart guide: Download pdf

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Here is a link to the SmallHD XLR to Hirose Cable wiring diagram

Here is a link to the pin out of our hirose connector- you will need this as a reference when looking at the wiring diagram

https://www.smallhd.com/support/faq/hirose-pin-out543/ring diagram above.

Here is a diagram for the Molex Power pin Connection on the back of the Dp7-Pro monitor

Molex Battery Cable DP7

The barrel connector size on the SmallHD HDMI Splitter is 4.0mm OD and 1.7mm ID.

Hand detection is a unique feature we offer on the DP7 with our onboard proximity sensor. If you have it activated, the smart key menu will appear when your hand approaches the monitor. In the settings menu you can adjust this feature’s sensitivity or turn it off completely.

The active filters feature is used to quickly shut off multiple features at the same time, once you open the active filters menu you can check which boxes you want to shut off or leave on by using your scroll wheel to navigate through the menu and clicking the wheel to select. Once you have checked all of the boxes next to the features you want to turn off select clear at the top of the menu to disable all the selected features.


Check out this video tutorial for more info:

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