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The DP6 monitor had to be discontinued due to the fact that we were unable to get all the parts needed to continue to build them. We will do our best to continue to service your monitors as best as we are able with the parts that we have available. However, we are unable to fix every issue that you may encounter with your monitor. If you would like to send in your monitor for evaluation please contact support@smallhd.com.

OLED panels are subject to burn in/ image retention if you leave the same image/ guideline/ frame line on an OLED panel for an extended period of time. That image/guideline/ frame line can end up being burnt in to the panel (meaning that it will stay on the image permanently). 

To help avoid this you should try not to leave the same exact thing on your screen for an extended period of time. Turning off your guides every few hours for 10-15 minutes or running video on the monitor overnight, when you are not using it, can be a good way to help avoid this. (almost like a screen saver) Here is a good video that we use for this:


OLED Burn In / Image Retention is not covered by warranty so please be attentive and aware of this potential possibility and try to guard against it. 

SmallHD electronic devices come with a one year limited hardware warranty. The limited hardware warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of our products. DP4 Warranty – 1 Year AC7 Warranty – 1 Year DP7 Warranty – 1 Year 500 series Warranty – 1 Year 700 series Warranty – 1 Year UltraBright series Warranty – 1 Year All Production Monitors Warranty – 1 Year   Warranty specifics:
  • Warranty period begins on date of shipment
  • Warranty is non-transferable; products not purchased directly from SmallHD or SmallHD approved affiliates and distributors do not qualify for warranty coverage.
  • The customer shall be responsible for paying shipping charges required to return products to SmallHD for repair. SmallHD shall pay for shipping of warranty repaired products to the customer.
Dead Pixel Policy: 3 or more dead pixels warrants a replacement under the standard SmallHD warranty. What is not covered by our warranty:
  • Problems resulting from accidents, abuse, or misuse
  • Problems resulting from electrical power source issues
  • 3rd-party servicing not authorized by SmallHD
  • Failure to follow product instructions
  • Water damage
  • Scratches to the body or panel that occur as part of normal use
Burn In Policy: Burn in/ Image retention is when an image basically gets stuck on a monitor panel, this is most common in OLED / Plasma / CRT displays but it can happen on LCD displays as well. Image retention is the reason screen savers were created in the first place. This is still a concern today especially with SmallHD’s OLED products. To avoid burn in you should try not to leave the same image on the monitor for an extended period of time- even something like frame lines can burn into your monitor. Burn in is Not covered by warranty policy.
    Repair Policy for monitors over 2 years old:

    Due to a limited availability of parts for our monitors we can only offer repairs within 2 years of your original purchase date. So to find out if your monitor  is repairable use the info below

    Purchase date:

    Within the past 2 years – Repairable

    Longer than 2 years ago from today – Unrepairable (not repairable)


    If you are past the 1 year mark there will be a cost associated with your repair as per our 1 year limited warranty policy.

First set a Multi-Meter to DC Voltage and confirm that your leads are correct. Plug your D-Tap cable into your battery. Put the Red Probe into the center of the D-Tap Barrel Plug and the Black Probe on the outside of the Barrel Plug. If your battery is set up correctly you will be getting a +12 Volt readout. If you battery has the wrong polarity you will be getting a -12 Volt readout. If you plug the Barrel Plug into the monitor with a -12 Volt reading you will damage your monitor by burning up the Motherboard and possible the LCD Panel, which are not covered under your warranty. Here is a link to a short video that will show you how to test the polarity:

Here is a list of the countries that we Do Not ship to:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso,Cambodia, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia/Hrvatska, Cuba, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Mauritius, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro (Deprecated), Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Here at SmallHD we want to help make online shopping as easy and painless as possible. Even though we believe you will be completely satisfied with your SmallHD products, we have instituted a risk free return policy. This policy will give you peace of mind knowing that if our products do not work for your situation you can return them. This is a tiered return policy depending on how long it has been since you received your order. Day 1-14:  Customer pays return shipping and receives full refund. (Restocking fee of 12% ONLY if products show scratches, or damage) Day 15-30: Customer pays return shipping and is charged a 12% restocking fee for items returned.
  •     Refunds will be applied to the credit card on which the order was placed.
  •     The customer shall be responsible for paying shipping costs to return unwanted products. (after the first 48 hours)
  •     SmallHD reserves the right to further reduce the amount refunded if we observe physical damage to products returned for refund.
  •     Orders that are cancelled before they have been fulfilled* will be refunded in full.
  •     Fulfilled is defined as packaged and shipped.
  •     SmallHD does not have access to our customers’ credit card information.  Our merchant services provider will administer all refunds.
Day (30+) After 30 days all sales are final (returns are not allowed)  If you would like to return items and are within your first 30 days of ownership please submit a support case through the following link and make sure to reference your order number: https://www.smallhd.com/Support     ATTN – Compatibility Notice- We can not guarantee compatibility with all 3rd party devices including but not limited to (cameras, converters, recorders, wireless devices, Drones, etc) While we aim to have our devices work with all 3rd party devices there may be times when certain signal types framerates resolutions etc. will not work with a particular SmallHD product. If you purchase one of our products and find this to be the case our standard return policy applies – please send back your SmallHD product for a refund within the 30 day return period.  

Yes we do, If you live in a Country that we do not normally ship to, and you do purchase our products, please know that while we will still honor our Warranty, we WILL NOT pay for any shipping to or from SmallHD for Warranty Repairs.

SmallHD Battery Replacement Policy As per our documentation, SmallHD batteries are warranted for 6 months from the date they are shipped. We have updated our policy to provide a sliding scale based on battery age. Battery Age 0-6 months: 100% refund + Free world wide shipping 6-9 months: Issue $50 Store Coupon for each, customer pays shipping for new new batteries 9-12months: Issue $25 Coupon for each battery, customer pays shipping > 12 months no refund
  • Insert SmallHD USB drive into PC/Mac. Remove any existing .bin file from the drive.
  • Download the desired Firmware version from www.smallhd.com/support. Be sure to read the “Changelog/Issues” file. (See link to the right of the download)
  • Copy the *.bin file to the USB drive. The file must NOT be in a folder.
  • Safely Eject the USB drive from the PC/Mac.
  • Switch the DP6 OFF and plug the USB drive into the DP6’s USB port.
  • While pressing down on the DP6’s scroll wheel, Switch ON the DP6.
  • Once white text appears on the black screen, you can stop pressing the thumb wheel.
  • When prompted, switch the DP6 OFF and then back ON again. You how have new software. (If the DP6 “Hangs” during the “Verification” process, the update is complete and the DP6 can be switched OFF and ON again.
You may install the firmware in any order, however you may ONLY have one *.bin file on the drive at one time. If you experience any problems please contact us using the support form at www.smallhd.com/support

Sunspots are white looking circles that are almost always bigger then just one pixel, sometimes if you feel the LCD screen you can even feel a lump or burn spot on the actual screen. These occur when the sun is allowed to shine through the magnifying portion of the DP4 Viewfinder. When the sun shines through that it is intensified and can burn the screen. In strong sunlight this can happen in only a few seconds. That is why we always recommend either lifting the viewfinder when not in use or covering the eye hole with either a lens cap or anything that is convenient when not in use. We can repair your DP4 but there is a cost for this type of repair the cost is 160 dollars plus shipping. If you would like to set up the repair please send an email to support@smallhd.com and we will set up a Return Authorization for you.

Every now and then the pins on the battery brackets connection can come loose. There is a very easy way to fix this problem. You can fix that by following the insturctions in this video: https://vimeo.com/43847071

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