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With some cameras, the top 1/4 to 1/8 of the image will appear like it is lagging behind or tearing. The reason for this is hardware related and cannot be fixed with a firmware upgrade. This often happens when using SDI signal and flipping the image. The only solution is to keep the image in the un-flipped orientation.
Click the link below for release notes, install instructions and latest firmware download for your 500 or 700 Series monitor. Latest Firmware
Important: Be careful NOT to lose power during the update. We recommend you use the AC adapter or a fully charged battery. If the DP4 is powered OFF during the software update BEFORE the VERIFY begins, you will have a blank monitor. You should be able to restore everything by successfully completing the Firmware Update. However, should your monitor need to be sent back for repair, associated shipping and repair costs are not covered by the DP4’s warranty.

USB Drive: It is highly recommended that you use a drive that is 2GB or less and formatted FAT or FAT32.

NOTE: The drive should contain only ONE *.bin file, the *.bin downloaded from www.smallhd.com/support. ALWAYS delete the old *.bin from the USB drive before making the next update. You can have other files on the drive, but only one *.bin file.

1. Insert USB drive into PC/Mac, remove any existing .bin file from the drive and make sure that it is formated FAT or FAT32.

2. Download the desired Firmware version from www.smallhd.com/support. Be sure to read the “Changelog/Issues” file. (See link to the right of the download)

3. Copy the *.bin file to the USB drive. The file must NOT be in a folder.

4. Safely Eject the USB drive from the PC/Mac and insert it into the USB adapter cable that was included with your DP4.

5. Switch the DP4 OFF and plug the cable into the DP4’s Mini-USB port. While pressing down on the DP4’s scroll wheel, Switch ON the DP4.

6. Once white text appears on the black screen, you can stop pressing the thumb wheel.

7. When prompted, switch the DP4 OFF, remove the USB cable, and then back ON again. You now have new software. (If the DP4 gets stuck during the “Verification” process for more than 4 minutes, the update is complete and the DP4 can be switched OFF and the USB cable removed.)

You may install the firmware in any order, however you may ONLY have one *.bin file on the drive at one time.

If you experience any problems please contact us using the support form at www.smallhd.com/support

The DP6-SLR and DP6-SDI has a Peaking function in the “???” menu.

The DP1(x) does not support Peaking

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