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You can download a sample pack of 3d LUTS to use with your 502 monitor and DP7-PRO here: 



Here is a diagram for the Molex Power pin Connection on the back of the Dp7-Pro monitor

Molex Battery Cable DP7

If your DP7-PRO tally lights are flashing it is likely that you have improperly wired your power cable and the pinout on the cable is incorrect.

You should disconnect your power source immediately to avoid damaging the monitor. 

Please double check your cable pinout before reattaching a power source: https://www.smallhd.com/support/?s=pin+out&submit=

If your pin out is correct and this is still happening please contact support

Latest official Stable firmware release –
(Version 1.2.5 or later required to install this version)
 DP7-PRO Firmware version 2.0.4: (3/24/2014): Here  (This version or later required for Wireless HDMI Dock)
      ATTN: Please do not attempt to downgrade to version 1.2.5 or lower once you have installed version 2.0 or later (IT CAN DAMAGE YOUR MONITOR). DP7-PRO Firmware version 1.2.5: (10/25/2013) Here

We have decided to leave that disabled because we know our users want to be able to see the image on the monitor and if it is covered in fingerprints it is harder to see. We have touch sensitive areas on the outside edges instead.

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