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If you are getting no signal or a flashing signal on your AC7 with the 5D MKIII follow these instructions.

1. Disconnect your HDMI cable from the monitor.

2. Enter your camera’s menu system.

3. Go to the Blue Play button menu in the camera.

4. Go to the 3rd Tab on this menu.

5. Scroll down to the Ctrl over HDMI setting and set it to Disable.

6. Exit the menu and put the camera in live view.

7. Once an image appears on the back of the camera attach it via HDMI to the AC7.

8. On your AC7 open the menu and select input.

9. Set the input on the monitor to HDMI (Even if it already should be in HDMI).

10. The monitor should now have an image.

We have made a video that shows how to achieve full screen on your Canon 5D Mark III:
To get a full screen on a Canon DSLR you should activate the canon preset by scrolling the clickwheel to the right when no menu’s are present. Then scroll down to the DSLR preset and activate it by clicking your scroll wheel. You can increase the size of the image being sent to the monitor even more by hitting the info button on the Canon camera a few times. Also please make sure you have the newest firmware installed on your monitor. For even more info check out this video:

The power management capabilities on the 7d leave much to be desired. Basically if you have the camera attached to the monitor it can cause the camera to have an error 80 where you need to remove your battery to reset the camera. It seems there are several ways to avoid this.
1. Try turning the camera on before the monitor.
2. Try turning both devices on before attaching them via hdmi.
3. Make sure you have fully charged batteries in your camera when you go through the boot up process.

We have found a way to modify the hardware on the DP4 that makes it so that this power procedure is not neccessary. All of our current DP4’s are shipping out with this mod in place. If you have an older DP4 and are having this problem please contact support and we will send you a return authorization so you can send it in for a hardware upgrade.

The DP6 monitor must be turned on prior to powering up the 7D or you will receive an error code 80 on the 7D. The 7D is looking for a place to send the HDMI signal. If it can’t find one, it generates the error code.

Solution provided by Jeff Wergin.. Thanks Jeff

To completely fill the screen with the image from the 7D use the following settings;


Scale: 16×9

Horizontal Start: 558

Horizontal Size: 380

Vertical Start: 540

Vertical Size: 418

HDMI output consumes power from the 5D. If other power consuming options are turned on and some arbitrary power consumption limit reached, the 5D will show a series of bars and stop recording. The bars indicate that the writing speed is too slow. Be sure to turn off Exposure Simulation to reduce power requirements. Think Apollo 13 😉

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