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To fix this, do a factory reset under System in the menu. Once the monitor restarts, you may see weird colors on the screen. If so, just reboot the monitor and this will return the monitor to normal.


A good way to match the color of your camera lcd to your SmallHD monitor is to tape a few pieces of paper to a wall of varying colors. Then point your camera at that wall and look at the back of your camera, then plug in your monitor and compare the colors. Try to figure out what is different in the 2 panels. For example maybe your camera’s panel looks a bit more red then your SmallHD, in that case you would turn up the red gain on your small hd to increase the red in the panel. To access the color controls on your monitor make sure you have an image displaying on the monitor then go to the image menu and scroll down to the RGB control option. This is not a perfect method and you may not get perfect color or anything like that but its a decent method to get the color closer to where you want it to be.

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