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Pin 1 is Ground. Pin 2 is +DC. *Pin 1 is closest to the red dot on the LEMO connector.    
You need to be careful when attaching a third party power source to your 502 monitor. It has an input range of 6.2V to 8.4V if you exceed 10v you can damage your monitor.   Here is a good dtap to lp-e6 option that you can use with your 502 monitor: http://store.smallhd.com/store/500-accessories/DCA5-KIT
500 Series monitors are compatible LP-E6 style batteries and the DCA5 D-tap Power Adapter. 700 Series monitors are compatible with LP-E6, Sony L Series batteries, and theDCA5 D-tap Power Adapter. Please note, monitor only kits do not ship with a battery or power cable.  
DP7 Power Options 101 To attach a battery to the back of the Dp7 you need a DP7 Battery adapter Plate $99.99 Once you have that you can use any of the following battery brackets that we sell V-Mount Battery Bracket$129.99 Gold Mount Battery Bracket$129.99 Sony L series Battery Bracket$59.99 Canon LP-E6 Battery Bracket$59.99 not recommended for High bright (very short run time)
We sell kits which include the required battery adapter plate and battery bracket of your choice:
V-Mount Power Kit$199.99 Gold Mount Power Kit$199.99 Sony L series Power Kit$155.99 Canon LP-E6 Power Kit$155.99 not recommended for High bright (very short run time) Cable Power options AC/DC power to HiroseUS version Included with Dp7 Dtap to Hirose Cable$49.99 Flying leads to Hirose Cable (make your own) – $39.99 Hirose to 4 Pin Lemo Cable (For RED Pro I/O Module) – $79.99 Country specific adapter cables for Ac/DC Power cord $9.99 each. Australia UK European

We do not currently sell batteries, but we hope to in the future.

No, unfortunately you cannot use the DP6/AC7 Brackets with the DP7-PRO. The DP7 monitors require 10v and the Canon Sony and Panasonic plates from the AC7 and DP6 can only output around 7v.

You MUST use a SmallHD Hirose Cable for powering your monitor to prevent permanent damage to your AC7 OLED or DP7 Monitors.
This is due to the fact that all Hirose cables are not wired the same way. Using a third party Hirose cable that is not wired properly may
cause serious damage, and is NOT covered by our warranty. Here is the proper pin layout to use with our monitors:
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