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Lemo pinout for DCA5 Lemo power adapters and the Lemo to D-Tap cables (700 Series monitors)
Pin 1 is GND Pin 2 is +DC (Pin 1 is closest to the red dot on the LEMO connector)
How do I power my SmallHD Production monitor?
Can I use ….. Dtap cable with my 500 or 700 series monitor?

You need to be careful when attaching a third party power source to your 502 monitor. It has an input range of 6.2V to 8.4V if you exceed 10v you can damage your monitor. 

Here is a good dtap to lp-e6 option that you can use with your 502 monitor:

How do I power the 500/700 series monitors?
The Monitor does not ship with batteries or a power cable. We do offer a handy LP-E6 power kit here:   For continuous power we have a D-tap to LP-E6 power cable here:
How do I power the DP7-PRO (Power Options)

DP7 Power Options 101

To attach a battery to the back of the Dp7 you need a
DP7 Battery adapter Plate $99.99

Once you have that you can use any of the following battery brackets that we sell

V-Mount Battery Bracket$129.99
Gold Mount Battery Bracket$129.99
Sony L series Battery Bracket$59.99
Canon LP-E6 Battery Bracket$59.99 not recommended for High bright (very short run time)

We sell kits which include the required battery adapter plate and battery bracket of your choice:

V-Mount Power Kit$199.99
Gold Mount Power Kit$199.99
Sony L series Power Kit$155.99
Canon LP-E6 Power Kit$155.99 not recommended for High bright (very short run time)

Cable Power options

AC/DC power to HiroseUS version Included with Dp7
Dtap to Hirose Cable$49.99
Flying leads to Hirose Cable (make your own) – $39.99
Hirose to 4 Pin Lemo Cable (For RED Pro I/O Module) – $79.99
Hirose to 4 Pin XLR cable$59.99

Country specific adapter cables for Ac/DC Power cord $9.99 each.

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