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We will not be offering SDI upgrades on B-Stock monitors at the time of purchase.

The B-Stock monitors will be supported by a 90 day limited hardware warranty, with the exception of the LCD panel. Since many B-Stock monitors have LCD panels with imperfections, you will not be able to have the LCD replaced under warranty.

Any B-Stock monitor purchased will work exactly as if it were a new monitor. It will just have minor physical imperfections. All of the features and functions you have come to love in SmallHD products will be present.

A B-Stock monitor is a SmallHD monitor that does not meet our high quality-control standards, and/or will show slight signs of use. Since it does not meet our standards to be sold alongside our other monitors, it becomes a B-Stock that can be sold for a lower price due to its slight imperfections.
These imperfections may include:
  • Slight dings/scratches on the external body of the monitor
  • 1-5 dead pixels on the LCD panel (out of ~2,000,000 pixels)
  • Slightly dimmer panel brightness (700+ nits vs. 1000 nits for the 702 Bright) 
The general SmallHD Return Policy applies.

A B-Stock monitor can have up to 5 dead pixels out of a total 1,024,000 pixels.

Currently our B-Stock items include:

  • DP4 Monitors 
  • DP7- Pro LCD 

This is a limited time sale that will end when we sell out of B-Stock monitors.

B-Stock monitors are sold as-is, we will not be able to replace any parts of the monitor at the time of purchase.

We will be shipping the monitors directly after they are purchased. We will not be able to tell you the specific imperfections on your monitor or take photos of the monitor for you.

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