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1. How to use cross-conversion. 2. How to send LUTs downstream. 3. How to share monitor profiles.
Want to know how to get started using all the cool new features and tools on your monitor? Check out these videos to help walk you learn how to use and customize your monitor:
  1. Settings Menu
  2. Peaking
  3. Histogram
  4. Focus Assist
  5. 3D LUTs (Look-up Tables)
  6. Zebra
  7. Aspect Guide
  8. Crosshair
  9. Crosshatch
  10. Exposure Assist
  11. Title Safe
Firmware Update Video includes these new features: Vectorscope Reverse Log LUTS Status Display Bar 2 Zebras
700 Overview: The differences between the 701 and 702 Lite monitors and the 702 High Bright:  
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