We do have an in depth online user manual that you can access through the following link. It covers all of our monitors, and is being added to regularly    
While using a battery grip with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, you will not be able to power the camera with the FOCUS monitor. The faux battery adapter cable used to supply the camera with power is designed to fit the single battery slot that’s native to each camera body. If you like using battery grips, our suggestion is to continue using the grip to power the camera and use a Sony L Series battery to power the FOCUS monitor.
703 UltraBright quickstart guide: Download pdf
503 UltraBright quickstart guide: Download pdf
The barrel connector for the power output on the FOCUS monitors is a 3.5mmDia Barrel Jack and accepts a 1.1mmDia Center-Pin.
Pin 1 is Ground. Pin 2 is +DC. *Pin 1 is closest to the red dot on the LEMO connector.    

CAUTION: Make sure you do not lose power during firmware update

1. Download the latest OS3 firmware 2. Unzip file (extract files) 3. Read the included ReadMe .txt file to see what changes are included 4. Drag and drop .bin file from download onto your SD card (Must be 16gb or smaller – FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for Mac) 5. Remove SD Card from computer or card reader attached to computer 6. Insert SD card into your 503 or 703 UltraBright monitor 7. Turn on your monitor 8. Page left on your UltraBright all the way with the thumb stick to the monitor’s Settings Menu 9. Select firmware update in Settings Menu and follow on-screen prompts 10. Once firmware is installed and the on-screen prompts tells you to reboot your monitor – remove the power source and then re-attach the power source to reboot (power button will not work for this reboot)
You need to be careful when attaching a third party power source to your 502 monitor. It has an input range of 6.2V to 8.4V if you exceed 10v you can damage your monitor.   Here is a good dtap to lp-e6 option that you can use with your 502 monitor:
500 Series monitors are compatible LP-E6 style batteries and the DCA5 D-tap Power Adapter. 700 Series monitors are compatible with LP-E6, Sony L Series batteries, and theDCA5 D-tap Power Adapter. Please note, monitor only kits do not ship with a battery or power cable.  
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