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You should Activate your monitor but you can skip it if you are not comfortable doing so or if you are having technical trouble actiavting. Benifits of Activating your SmallHD monitor
  • Activates your 1 year manufacture warranty.
  • Receive emails when we add new features via free firmware updates.
  • Be notified of new accessories designed specifically for your monitor.
  If you still want to bypass the in monitor activation just simple enter the following code into your monitor. 20095
  How to update your Production monitor firmware. CAUTION: Make sure you do not lose power during firmware update
  1.  Download Latest firmware file
  2.  Drag and drop .bin file from download onto your SD card (Must be 16gb or smaller – FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for Mac)
  3.  Remove SD Card from computer or card reader attached to computer
  4.  Insert SD card into your Production Monitor
  5.  Turn on your monitor
  6.  On monitor, page left all the way with your joystick to the monitor’s settings Menu
  7.  Navigate down in the settings menu until you see the heading (System)
  8.  Under the system heading you will see an option that says firmware. (Highlight the word firmware)
  9.  Click your joystick to select firmware
  10.  You should now see an option appear on the right side of the screen that says UPDATE TO 1.0 (FUSION) Select this option to begin update. Note: If you do not see this wording but instead see Current version followed by a version number. Than the firmware may not be on the card properly or the card is not inserted all the way.
  11.  Once firmware is installed and the on screen prompt tells you to reboot your monitor – remove the power source and then re-attach the power source to reboot (power button will not work for this reboot)
Firmware 1.3 for 17, 24, and 32 inch monitors:
Want to know how to get started using all the cool new features and tools on your monitor? Check out these videos to help walk you learn how to use and customize your monitor:
  1. Settings Menu
  2. Peaking
  3. Histogram
  4. Focus Assist
  5. 3D LUTs (Look-up Tables)
  6. Zebra
  7. Aspect Guide
  8. Crosshair
  9. Crosshatch
  10. Exposure Assist
  11. Title Safe
SmallHD offers a free downloadable LUT package full of frequently used LUTs to try on your monitor. You can download them here: