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FOCUS Firmware Update Instructions

CAUTION: Make sure you do not lose power during firmware update

1. Download the latest .bin file version 3.1.2   

2. Drag and drop .bin file from download onto your SD card (Must be 16gb or smaller – FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for Mac) 

3. Remove SD Card from computer or card reader attached to computer 

4. Insert SD card into your SmallHD FOCUS monitor 

5. Turn on your monitor 

6. Swipe left to right on your FOCUS all the way to the monitor’s Settings Menu 

7. Tap firmware update in Settings Menu and follow on-screen prompts 

8. Once the firmware is installed and the on-screen prompts tell you to reboot your monitor – Hold down the power button for at least 5 seconds and then release.

9. Press the power button again to begin operating your FOCUS monitor with the new firmware installed.

The barrel connector for the power output on the FOCUS monitors is a 3.5mmDia Barrel Jack and accepts a 1.1mmDia Center-Pin.
This video shows the DP6’s various focus assist tools in action.
  • Once white text appears on the black screen, you can stop pressing the thumb wheel.
  • When prompted, switch the DP6 OFF and then back ON again. You how have new software. (If the DP6 “Hangs” during the “Verification” process, the update is complete and the DP6 can be switched OFF and ON again.
You may install the firmware in any order, however you may ONLY have one *.bin file on the drive at one time. If you experience any problems please contact us using the support form at www.smallhd.com/support
The DP6-SLR and DP6-SDI has a Peaking function in the “???” menu.

The DP1(x) does not support Peaking

Want to know how to get started using all the cool new features and tools on your monitor? Check out these videos to help walk you learn how to use and customize your monitor:
  1. Settings Menu
  2. Peaking
  3. Histogram
  4. Focus Assist
  5. 3D LUTs (Look-up Tables)
  6. Zebra
  7. Aspect Guide
  8. Crosshair
  9. Crosshatch
  10. Exposure Assist
  11. Title Safe
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