the dp6A Resolution revolution

software featurette

The DP6 comes packed with a valuable set of software features like an industry-leading focus assist, 2 false color modes, customizable function buttons, image scaling, 1:1 pixel mapping, auto aspect ratio detection (to deal with any signal type), and more . A lot of effort has gone into making sure these features are not simply buzz-words to cross off a list, but ones that truly improve your workflow.

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two options...

We are offering two models to choose from – the DP6-SLR and the DP6-SDI; they are identical in every way except for the addition of a 3G/HD/SDI input & passthru output on on the DP6-SDI. With our easy upgrade service you can even choose SLR now and upgrade to SDI later (for a fee).


The DP6 covers all bases for every standard input– HDMI, Component, Composite, and HD/SDI.

mount anywhere

With 1/4” 20 (standard) mounting points milled into the
top, bottom, left and right sides of the aluminum shell,
positioning the screen to accommodate any shooting
style is both extremely secure and easy to do.

***upgrade - ready

For some extra peace-of-mind, should you ever want HD/SDI but currently own the standard DP6, never fear. Send it in and we’ll add the SDI module to your standard DP6-SLR in a way that doesn’t break the bank.


The DP6’s 5.6 inch screen has a screen density of 270 pixels-per-inch, delivering HD at a stunning 1280x800 resolution. This fact alone makes this monitor the smallest HD monitor available. Simply put this means you truly see what you get, so there are no surprises in the editing room.

Powering options

Buying new equipment can often be a hassle when it doesn’t want to play nice with the gear you already own. We have worked hard to ensure a number of options are available to make this a non-issue for the DP6, such as a 5D/7D battery plate, a D-Tap to 12v cable and a standard 5-18v input range on the monitor itself to alleviate any potential powering woes.

Production-friendly accessories

Every production comes with a unique set of needs, and we’ve made sure to accommodate for as many of those as possible with a range of innovative and useful accessories such as the click-in neoprene Sunhood, HDMI splitter, a snap-on acrylic screen protector, and many more...

Durable + Lightweight

Shooting on location often means carrying your gear through rough conditions which can take a toll on your equipment. We chose to give the DP6 a solid, milled-aluminum shell, making the unit both lightweight and extremely strong.


Ever had that sinking feeling when you purchase a high-end piece of electronics that gets an update the next day? We don’t like it either, so we decided to stick a USB port on the DP6 and include a 2GB flash drive with every order meaning it is field-updatable, so whenever we have updated firmware, you’ll have it too.

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