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DP6 Sunhood

An already bright screen means that coupled with the DP6’s Sunhood, shooting in bright sunlight is a no-brainer. Made from neoprene and aluminum rods, the sunhood is surprisingly lightweight and strong, lightning-quick to deploy and nearly flat when packed up – through and through designed for the needs of shooting in the field.

SmallHD StrongArm

Give your DP6 a secure place to call home with the SmallHD articulating StrongArm. With the included shoe mount it can fix to the top of your camera with the other end attaching to the monitor, and full-3D articulation means you adapt it to suit your shooting style.

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DP6 Acrylic Screen Protector

For those looking for even further durability when the going gets rough, take comfort in our new acrylic screen protector which easily clicks onto the front of the DP6, eliminating vulnerability to the LCD screen. Compatible with the DP6 Sunhood.

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D-Tap Power Cable

Using a pro battery with a D-Tap output? This D-Tap to Barrel adapter cable eliminates the need for any type of battery mount on the back of your DP6. Just plug straight into your pro battery’s D-Tap output and never worry about another power source.

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Canon 5D/7D
battery bracket

Own a Canon 5D or 7D? No need to restock on batteries! We’ve created a custom plate that attaches to the back of the DP6 allowing for use with the Canon LP-E6 battery type. The bracket allows for hot-swapping, meaning as long as at least one battery is plugged in at all times, you can swap out the other one on the fly, enabling uninterrupted use. Two fully-charged LP-E6 batteries will power the DP6 for 4 hours in the field.

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HDMI Splitter

Can’t stop the signal – SmallHD’s HDMI splitter allows your HDMI feed to continue its life beyond the monitor. Run cable to a second monitor or to an HDMI recorder without the need for an external power source.

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DP6 Neoprene Sleeve

Want to avoid scratches on your DP6’s housing and screen? Keep it in this custom fitting Neoprene Sleeve. We recommend combining this with the use of the DP6’s Acrylic Screen Protector for additional impact protection.

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Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable

If you’re shooting with a DSLR or other small camera, these cables are a must. Offered in 6 ft, 3 ft, and 1.5 ft varieties.

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Stick-on Screen Protectors

For a little extra peace of mind, our stick-on screen protectors keep the LCD panel safe from minor scratches and also enable the user to effectively change the monitor’s surface from glossy to a matte finish depending on preference.

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