702 Bright
Sony FS7
501 on-camera monitor
Sony A7s
DJI Ronin
702 Bright + DJI Ronin + Sony A7s
Board slide

“Even though the size of my 501 is perhaps slightly better for the Ronin, I feel so much more confident shooting with the 702 just because I can see my image and see how everything is looking.”


702 Bright

This 7-inch monitor has a Full HD (1920×1080 resolution), 1000 nit display, making it one of the sharpest and brightest monitors ever made. Its slim and rugged design make it easy to rig and its simple controls┬ámake it easy to access tools like Waveform, Focus Assist, and 3D LUTs. You can power the 702 Bright with 1-2 Sony L Series or 1-2 Canon LP-E6 batteries.

Zach’s Favorite Setup:

DJI Ronin +Sony A7S +702 Bright