Latest Firmware Update for SmallHD Production Monitors


Firmware Update 1.4 for SmallHD Production Monitors

Release Date: 02/20/2017

Features Added

  • RGB Offsets have been added to the appearance menu for custom color adjustment.
  • Added support for RED’s new IPP2 workflow: Input color space list now includes REDWideGamut/LOG3G10 (also removed the deprecated LOG3G12 gamma).


  • Color space options in the menu are renamed for clarity. The name now indicates both the expected gamma and gamut.
  • Adjustable Studio Brightness range has been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some 17” monitor’s screens to go black during a user upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug with the waveform’s spot meter.

Firmware Update 1.3 for SmallHD Production Monitors

Release Date: 10/27/2016

Features Added:

  • De-Interlacer is now supported in all SmallHD production monitors.
  • The 1303HDR now supports Studio Mode, our 100 nit mode for studio environments
  • V-Log and S-Log 3 DeLOG and HDR Preview support now available
  • A “Color Picker” tool has been added to the toolbar. This allows you to display video color values of a selected pixel.


  • Multi-view has been simplified to Dual-View.
  • Repeatedly pressing the input button will now cycle through all available inputs.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Vectorscope to crash.
  • Fixed a bug causing transient data to not display properly when “no correction” is set in the Input menu, even if a log format is not the chosen gamma.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Multi-view/Dual-view to occasionally show valid inputs as a black image.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused some colors to be rendered incorrectly when the input format changes
  • Toggling “ignore look” on a scope while there is no active look on the current page will no longer result in a change to the scope data.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a page to continue displaying Brightness & Contrast adjustments made within the “Focus Assist” & “Peaking” tools, even after these tools were disabled.

SmallHD Production Monitor Firmware 1.0

Release Date: 8/23/2016

Wes and Dale (aka “bearded Vanna White”) outline all the updates that come with firmware 1.0

Explore the added functionality that allows you to adjust the screen brightness based on shooting environment.

Fine tune your Production Monitor to your unique eyeball firmware.

Identify what settings you need to adjust when sending an HDR signal to your SmallHDR production monitor.

Learn exactly what HDR is today and the challenges it brings to real-time monitoring (thinking-caps required).

Firmware Release Notes

Features Added

  • Enhanced Input Menu:
    • Each input type (HDMI, SDI1, SDI2) can be configured to support different incoming gamma formats.
  • HDR Preview Setting (HDR Models Only)
    • Enable with any SmallHD supported log format (HDR models only)
    • Histogram added to help users judge incoming data & make gamma decisions
    • List of recognized input color spaces:
      • HDR Monitors Only
        • BT 2020/2084/2100: Uses a 2020 gamut and the 2084 PQ EOTF
        • HLG
      • All Production Monitor Models
        • REC 709 (with various gamma options)
        • SLOG
        • SLOG2
        • CLOG
        • LOGC
        • RedLogFilm
    • Improved log correction from the above formats
  • New “Appearance” menu which provides controls for the following
    • The Appearance menu is not affected by the “disable calibration” button on the calibration page
      • Sharpness: Increase or decrease the edge contrast of the image.
      • Contrast-Increase or decrease the separation between dark and bright levels of the image.
      • Brightness: Adjusts the black levels of the monitor.
      • Gamma Shift: Adjust image gamma curve with a new slider.
      • RGB Gain: Used to adjust the red, blue, and green balance in the image.
      • OLED Gamma Match: Changes monitor gamma to resemble an OLED display.
      • The Appearance menu is not affected by the “disable calibration” button on the calibration page.
  • Added Backlight Settings
    • Studio Brightness: 100nitstudio mode for true Rec.709 representation on all* production monitors
      • Excludes the 1703HDR
    • Standard Range: Factory calibrated range of brightnesses
    • Max Brightness: Uncalibrated maximum brightness
  • USB Support Added
    • USB ports are now activated, and can be used to power accessories – Outputs 5v through each port 1.5amp shared (total)”
    • USB flash drives may be used to load/save LUTs, Profiles, and Image Overlays
  • Crop Tool Added
    • Allows user to crop a region of the image and then blow that up to the full video area.
  • Image Flip Added
    • Flip the on-screen video signal and menu both horizontal and vertically
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical
      • Horizontal + Vertical
      • Menu Flip
      • Auto Flip
  • Multi View Page Enhancement
    • You can now select Dual input view or Quad input view for your multiview page. This is configurable in the monitor’s settings menu.
  • Enhanced Focus Tools
    • Focus Assist and Focus Peaking tools now contain a Contrast & Brightness value which can be modified for each page. This will make your focus assist even easier to read when contrast is turned up and brightness is turned down.
    • Peak Thresh option has been added to Focus Assist tool, this allows you to have  increased control in your Focus Assist.
  • Image Scale tool name has changed to Image Location


  • Added SD-SDI Support
    • 480i
    • 576i
  • In Page-View, the small tool icons are now rendered green if the tool is active
  • Audio meters are now available in multiview
  • Added screen capture functionality to multiview. There are 3 ways to use this function:
    1. Select the page you want to image capture by clicking your joystick and highlighting the page of interest – then hit the image capture button
    2. Press the image capture button, and then use to joystick to outline the numbered window that you would like to image capture. (The highlight will be a white box around the window number)
    3. Press the image capture button, and then press the corresponding window’s page button for the window that you want to image capture
  • “Please Wait” message now displays while monitor is performing long actions:
    • Max Bright
    • Factory Reset
  • LUT button behavior
    • Whena LUTor multiple LUTs exist on a page:
      • LUT button cycles through all the LUTs in the toolbar, ending by turning off all LUTs
      • Each time LUT button is pressed, the name of the active LUT (or “No LUT” when appropriate) appears in text discreetly on screen for 3 seconds
    • If no LUT exists on a page, The system will prompt the user to selecta LUTin the file browser
  • Speakers now mute when headphones are connected

Bugs Fixed

  • Audio meters work when using an SDI signal
  • Removed the audio POP that occurred when switching inputs
  • Sony FS700 now supported on SDI

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