SmallHD 500 Series adds Waveform, Audio Meters, and more…

By 06/10/2015500 Series

Update: Firmware 1.2 has been officially released as of 7/15/2015.

Features added to the 500 Series with Firmware 1.2

  • Increased control with the Wireless Remote

Update: Firmware 1.1 has been officially released as of 6/29/2015.

Features added to the 500 Series with Firmware 1.1

  • EVF and Remote control support added
  • Airplane mode – disables wireless radio for remote control
  • Tool menu now remembers your last location

We’re proud to be releasing Firmware 1.0 (Update: 1.2) to the SmallHD 500 Series monitors (501 and 502). As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team here. Instructions for how to install firmware on your 500 Series monitor are listed at the bottom of this post.

Features added to the 500 Series with Firmware 1.0:

Image Capture – example image
Menus must be closed to use. Press capture button to hide all active tools and show capture guides. Release to capture raw image (Captures JPG Images to SD card) -Will not work if no SD card is installed.

Image Overlay – example image
Load any image from the sd card and display it at varying opacity levels over your live camera feed. Also you can have overlayed image blink on and off for framing purposes

HD Waveform – example image
Luma and RGB waveform added user selectable location and size

On-Screen Audio Meters and Headphone Output – example image
Shows 2-8 channels, adjustable size and location.

Canon DSLR Scale – example image
Fill the whole screen with image from a Canon DSLR

Image Flip / Auto Image Flip – example image
Allows you to flip / mirror monitor image (by default auto rotate will be enabled)

Anamorphic De-squeeze – example image
Monitor a non-squashed image when shooting with anamorphic lenses. Selected in settings menu & applies to all pages (includes 1.33x, 1.66x, 2x)

Color Calibration LUT
Change the built-in color calibration of your monitor using your own 3D LUT file — this is very different from applying 3D LUTs to the live camera feed on multiple pages

Known bugs with Firmware 1.1:

  • When vertical image flip is enabled an artifact may appear on the last horizontal line of pixels.
  • If you are using dslr scale, image scale, or anamorphic scale and use image capture it will not work properly.

How do I update the firmware on my 500 Series monitor?

1. Download .zip file by clicking here
2. Unzip file (extract files)
3. Read the included ReadMe .txt file to see what changes are included
4. Drag and drop .bin file from download onto your SD card (Must be 16gb or smaller – FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for Mac)
5. Remove SD Card from computer or card reader attached to computer
6. Insert SD card into your 500 series monitor
7. Turn on your monitor
8. On monitor, page left all the way with your joystick to the monitor’s Setting Menu
9. Select firmware update in settings menu and follow on screen promts
10. Once firmware is installed and the on screen promt tells you to reboot your monitor – remove the power source and then re-attach the power source to reboot (power button will not work for this reboot)

500 Series monitor BTS