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Q&A with Jem Schofield || Fuji XT & FOCUS 5 Monitor

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Jem Schofield is the founder of theC47. We asked Jem questions about his thoughts about the Fuji XT and FOCUS monitors

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the FOCUS OLED Monitor

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Discover why the 5-inch FOCUS OLED touchscreen monitor is the most underrated monitor in its class

Q&A with Focus Church Production Team

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Learn how Focus Church enhanced their church production team gear with simple & easy-to-use setups with SmallHD & Teradek products

Q&A with Camera/Gimbal Op. Neil Maciejewski

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Neil has experience working with big name brands such as Oakley and Uber. He is a ‘master of motion’ and shares some of his wisdom with us from behind the screens.

Q&A with “Blackbird” Cinematographer, Brandon Habuda

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Brandon reveals the inspiration behind the short film “Blackbird” and what it took to carry this personal project across the finish line.

“Fresh” new tools from creator of BEL-AIR, Morgan Cooper

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Watch Will Smith’s reaction to Morgan Cooper’s BEL-AIR video and discover why Cooper made the switch to the SmallHD 702 Touch as his “workhorse” onboard monitor.

Camp Woodward ‘Beyond the Gear’ Scholarship

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Introducing the first ever Beyond the Gear Digital Media Scholarship! We’ve teamed up with Camp Woodard to provide a free week of Digital Media camp this summer.

Teradek Ace 500 RX and TX wireless system

Teradek Ace 500 TX & RX: Affordable, Reliable Wireless Monitoring

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Introducing the Teradek Ace 500 TX & RX – the compact, lightweight and powerful wireless video system designed for professionals on a budget.

SHD Spotlight: Pollock Pictures

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What is your team passionate about? Evan and Lindsey Pollock, a talented husband and wife duo, and their team at Pollock Pictures have a true passion to build relationships with their clients and make each cinematic experience truly unforgettable. Here is how they choose to look past the gear and focus in on what’s really important…

SmallHD 1703 P3X Production Monitor

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The 1703 P3X is a daylight viewable, wide color gamut production monitor, capable of reproducing 100% of the DCI-P3 color space. The P3X will also be available to current SmallHD 17-inch monitor owners as a paid upgrade

Hanging with Mr. Cooper | Kansas City Cinematographer/Storyteller

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Get an on set look at the new 1703-P3 production monitor as used by Kansas City based Cinematographer, Morgan Cooper

702 OLED: New 700 Series on-camera monitor with stunning color

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OLED is back in our on-camera monitor lineup with stunning color capabilities

free LUTs + color grading tutorials for all to enjoy