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Ty Evans and the 703 Bolt at Camp Woodward

The brightest 7-inch in the world is also wireless.

703 Bolt

703 Bolt Directors Bundle

V-MountGold Mount

Wireless for all!

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Introducing Daylight Viewable Monitors with Teradek Inside.

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It’s bright, it’s nimble and perfect for your gimbal.

502 Bright

Dark as night and ready for daylight.

502 Bright Bundle

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Daylight viewable touchscreen that can power your camera.

Discover FOCUS


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free LUTs + color grading tutorials for all to enjoy


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News and Events

SHD Spotlight: Pollock Pictures

  What are you passionate about ?     Evan and Lindsey Pollock, a talented husband and wife duo, and their team at Pollock Pictures have a true passion to...
Production Monitor

SmallHD 1703 P3X Production Monitor

The 1703 P3X is a daylight viewable, wide color gamut production monitor, capable of reproducing 100% of the DCI-P3 color space. The P3X will also be available to current SmallHD 17-inch monitor owners as a paid upgrade

Production Monitor

Hanging with Mr. Cooper | Kansas City Cinematographer/Storyteller

Get an on set look at the new 1703-P3 production monitor as used by Kansas City based Cinematographer, Morgan Cooper

700 SeriesNews and Events

702 OLED: New 700 Series on-camera monitor with stunning color

OLED is back in our on-camera monitor lineup with stunning color capabilities

700 SeriesNews and EventsProduction Monitor

New 7 and 17-inch monitors with Cinema Grade Color

SmallHD announces new 7 and 17-inch reference grade monitors; the 702 OLED and 1703-P3.

Grade TradeLooks (3D LUTs)

Free 3D LUT | “The Strolling Stiffs”

Free downloadalbe 3D LUT: Overall cool shift, greens getting the most influence. Highlights retain some warmth and skin tones remain mostly neutral

Shooter Profile

SHD Shooter Profile: Zach Lower, Freelance Filmmaker

Meet Zach. He is a freelance filmmaker that discovered his style by creating 1 Instagram video per day for 365 days! Be inspired as we talk with Zach in this short interview

500 Series700 Series

500 & 700 Series Power Options: We have them all

Discover the robust power options for 500 and 700 Series monitors (list includes d-tap, LEMO, and AC power).

Beyond the Gear Beyond the Gear

Beyond the Gear: What does a Creative need to “make it?”

What does a creative professional need to make it? Help us explore this topic by going Beyond the Gear with Ty Evans, Camp Woodward, and creatives across the world.

Production Monitor

How does the SmallHD 1703 HDR compare to the Panasonic and Sony 17-inch production monitors?

We made a short video comparing the 1703 HDR to other industry standard, 17-inch production monitors. Discover the similarities and differences between these tools as we take them to different shooting environments.

Color Grading

How to achieve more natural highlights and skin tones in Davinci

Many video cameras handle highlights in an undesirable way, learn how to achieve more natural highlights and skin tones by manipulating ‘curves’ in Davinci.

Shooter Profile

SHD Shooter Profile: Sam Nuttmann, MoVI Operator

Sam Nuttmann is an ICG Local 600 camera operator and cinematographer who specializes in the Freefly Systems MoVI. Besides being an incredibly smooth operator, he is our very first SHD Shooter Profile: insight and inspiration from behind-the-screens.