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Free 3D LUT | “The Strolling Stiffs”

| Grade Trade, Looks (3D LUTs) | No Comments

Free downloadalbe 3D LUT: Overall cool shift, greens getting the most influence. Highlights retain some warmth and skin tones remain mostly neutral

Latest Firmware for SmallHD 500 & 700 Series Monitors

| 500 Series, 700 Series, Sidefinder | No Comments

Download the latest firmware (2.6) for your 500 or 700 Series on-camera monitor

Latest Firmware Update for SmallHD Production Monitors

| Firmware, Production Monitor | No Comments

Firmware 1.3 for SmallHD Production Monitors adds updated De-Interlacer, V-Log and S-Log 3 DeLOG and HDR Preview support, and more

SHD Shooter Profile: Zach Lower, Freelance Filmmaker

| Shooter Profile | No Comments

Meet Zach. He is a freelance filmmaker that discovered his style by creating 1 Instagram video per day for 365 days! Be inspired as we talk with Zach in this short interview

500 & 700 Series Power Options: We have them all

| 500 Series, 700 Series | No Comments

Discover the robust power options for 500 and 700 Series monitors (list includes d-tap, LEMO, and AC power).

Beyond the Gear

Beyond the Gear: What does a Creative need to “make it?”

| Beyond the Gear | No Comments

What does a creative professional need to make it? Help us explore this topic by going Beyond the Gear with Ty Evans, Camp Woodward, and creatives across the world.

How does the SmallHD 1703 HDR compare to the Panasonic and Sony 17-inch production monitors?

| Production Monitor | No Comments

We made a short video comparing the 1703 HDR to other industry standard, 17-inch production monitors. Discover the similarities and differences between these tools as we take them to different shooting environments.

How to achieve more natural highlights and skin tones in Davinci

| Color Grading | No Comments

Many video cameras handle highlights in an undesirable way, learn how to achieve more natural highlights and skin tones by manipulating ‘curves’ in Davinci.

SHD Shooter Profile: Sam Nuttmann, MoVI Operator

| Shooter Profile | No Comments

Sam Nuttmann is an ICG Local 600 camera operator and cinematographer who specializes in the Freefly Systems MoVI. Besides being an incredibly smooth operator, he is our very first SHD Shooter Profile: insight and inspiration from behind-the-screens.

Arapaho: warm atmosphere with autumn colors – free 3D LUT

| Grade Trade, Looks (3D LUTs) | No Comments

Free Downloadable 3D LUT – The Arapaho LUT will give a warm atmosphere with autumn colors to your image. The shades of green turn to goldenrod yellow and a blue tint is added to the midtones. Skin tones are preserved, or in certain conditions they become slightly tanned.

Introducing Studio Edition 17 & 24-inch Production Monitors

| News and Events, Production Monitor | No Comments

Hot on the heels of SmallHD’s daylight-viewable HDR production monitor announcement at NAB comes Studio editions of both the 17-inch and 24-inch sizes, designed to provide the same level of durability, high-end software capability, and color accuracy as their HDR counterparts.

SmallHD ‘May the Fourth’ 702 Lite Giveaway

| 700 Series, Giveaway | No Comments

Share a ‘light side’ or ‘dark side’ of filmmaking story for a chance to win a SmallHD 702 Lite on-camera monitor. May the fourth be with you.