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The DP4 has been designed to function from the ground-up as a standalone 4.3” field monitor and as an electronic viewfinder with the click-on EVF attachment, critical when the budget—and luggage space—is tight. The EVF configuration offers the camera operator a cinematic-like view of the screen; great for eliminating distractions and for critical focusing when using the DP4’s built-in focus assist and peaking features.

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Even after choosing to use the DP4 as an EVF, switching back to field monitor mode is nothing more than flipping the EVF out of the way, which is then held firmly in place by high-powered magnets.


HDMI, Component and Composite inputs answer the call of
compatibility; GoPros, DSLRs, ENG Cameras, large sensor camcorders,
RED, Alexa and nearly anything in between, the DP4 plays nice.


We have spent a lot of time with the DP6 creating a menu and button system that works quickly and in a way that makes sense. With the addition of a customizable preset button, the features you use most are the ones you will never have to dig around to get to.

Signal Resolution


Acceptance of high-bitrate signals such as 1080p is not a given on every EVF or small monitor on the market but is done painlessly on the DP4.

use the battery that suits you.

Not everyone uses the same battery—nor should they be forced to. We have develped swappable battery plates for the DP4 that include: Canon(LP-E6), Nikon (EN-EL15) and Sony (NP-F970).

HDMI, Composite...Pass it on

Using passthru for both HDMI and Composite, the DP4 shares the source signal with another monitor or device without using any other piece of equipment.


The DP4 has been built with a high emphasis on strength and durability. By using milled aluminum for its frame and support
points for internal components, the result is one extremely rugged field monitor.

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Included with your DP4 purchase are a number of accessories to get you shooting immediately, such as HDMI & Component cables, an LP-E6 battery bracket as well as extras like the DP4 sunhood, acrylic screen protector and a right-angle HDMI adapter for optimal cable management.