Real-Time Custom 3D LUTs at the Camera

Visualizing your shot has never been this easy.

DP7-PRO Field Monitor - starting at $1399

The latest firmware update for the DP7-Pro includes native support for nearly any 3D LUT filetype. Simply create a look from any color grading suite or download an existing look, throw it on an SD card and see it applied to your footage, live!

  • Get the look you want live on set.
  • Keep your crew and your client on the same page.
  • Load custom or built-in LUTs quickly and easily.

“As an owner/operator, when I work with smaller crews, we’re managing monitors, and this would be extremely helpful so we can set a look for clients and directors.”

  • Nigel Akam
  • Director of Photography

“This is a huge advantage, since it gives me an opportunity to get the director, client and agency of a commercial to fall in love with the look on set.”

  • Chris Mably
  • Cinematographer

“Producers will be more at ease knowing they are getting exactly what is needed without the headache of “fixing it in post.”

  • Matt Hayslett
  • DOP/Director

Turn flat images to post-production looks real-time.

The ability to use a LUT at the camera allows you to monitor with the image you need while still recording in a flat or “log” picture profile. Whether you need more contrast to help pull focus or need to show a client a more “finished” representation, the DP7-PRO allows you to do both with live 3D LUTs.


above: some of the LUTs available in the SmallHD Free Sample Pack (included with the latest DP7-PRO firmware).

Communicate with your client and crew visually.

The DP7-PRO allows you to start the post production work before you hit record. You can test a 3D LUT you’re planning to use in post-production, show a client a potencial final look for a product, and even catch lighting mistakes before they happen. All these things save time and resources during production and helps other people on set see your creative vision.

Use custom LUTs
quickly and easily.

  • 1 Create a look in nearly any color grading app (Davinci Resolve Lite pictured)
  • 2Export the look as a 3D Lookup Table (LUT)
  • 3Place LUT file(s) straight onto an SD card and even create custom folders to keep more organized
  • 4View and preview your LUT within the ‘Looks’ menu
  • 5Assign looks to smart keys to instantly toggle them on/off

The only on-camera monitor that shows your custom looks in real time

DP7-PRO Field Monitor

  • 7-inch 1280x800 HD Display
  • High Resolution Scopes & Waveform
  • Signal Conversion
  • Custom 3D LUT Software

starting at $1399


real-time custom 3D LUTs at the camera.

DP7-PRO Field Monitor