Enjoy this free look pack inspired by popular films!  Simply download and apply to your SmallHD or other 3D-LUT-enabled monitor – read below and watch the video tutorials to learn how!
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Index of Looks

No Look Applied

(for reference)

Apocalypse This Very Moment

desaturated + warm overall cast

B-Boyz 2

intense contrast + strong warm/cool balance

Bob Ford

intense contrast + highly saturated warm tones

Life-Giving Tree

subtle, neutral overall balance + saturated warm shadows


heavily saturated warm highlights, cool/green shadow tones

Saving Private Damon

bleach bypass look; sharp contrast curve

The Matrices

never been done before

what are ‘looks’?

A ‘look’, 3D LUT or Look Up Table is a small file that behaves like a camera filter, colorizing footage it is applied to.

how should I use them?

3D LUTs can be dropped into many different color grading, editing and compositing applications — for previsualization or final output.
The 500 series by SmallHD allows you to shoot while monitoring with a 3D LUT applied, helping greatly to instill confidence in the shot as it happens – for crew and clients.

making the most out of looks

Watch the tutorial to set up multiple pages of looks or any other feature and swipe between them with a left or right flick of the joystick on a SmallHD 500-series monitor.


This look pack hasn’t been tailored for every camera and shooting scenario, so follow our in-depth tutorial on how to tweak & re-export all new LUTs using Davinci Resolve!
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